Report: Demographic transition and an ageing society - Implications for local labour markets in Poland



Pages: 155

Languages: English

Publication Date:  April 2013

DOI: 10.1787/5k47xj1js027-en

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This report outlines the findings of the Poland case study for the combined study regions of Lódzkie, Malopolska and Pomorskie for the 2011/2012 LEED international project on Local scenarios of demographic change. The demographic situation is changing significantly within Poland with two major trends occurring, population decline and population ageing, as a result of decreasing fertility rates and increased life expectancy.


However, the Polish case study revealed the complexity of demographic challenges with each region experiencing different issues associated with socio-economic context such as: population ageing experienced in all three study regions; and population shrinkage in Lódzkie.


These differences in demographic situations require a territorial, local and regional strategy co-ordinated policy response with national policy efforts. Policy themes and recommendations focus on sustainable economic development, family policy, ageing workforce, silver economy, and skills and education.


Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 addressing demographic transition and ageing labour markets in Poland

  • Introduction
  • Demographic changes in Poland
  • General trends
  • Fertility rate
  • Ageing of the population

CHAPTER 2 policy framework for demographic change in poland: national instruments and the european social fund

  • Introduction
  • Policies for older workers and ageing society
  • Pension reform
  • Activation of 50+
  • National policies for families and children
  • Financial allowances and maternity support
  • Child care services
  • Flexibility in the implementation of national plans and strategies at the local level
  • How European Social Fund can support the policy response to demographic change
  • Preparing local self-government to demographic change
  • Policy for families and children
  • Policy for older workers
  • Conclusions


  • Introduction
  • Demographic challenges across the regions
  • Regional resources for demographic transitions
  • Location and transport connections
  • Natural resources (environment)
  • Human capital potential and skills for developing the ‘white economy’
  • Demographic change, older workers and regional policy challenges
  • Conclusions

CHAPTER 4 local Development strategies for demographic transitions in MAŁOPOLSKA, ŁÓDZKIE, POMORSKIE

  • Introduction
  • Local Initiatives and Strategies
  • Małopolska
  • Pomorskie
  • Łódzkie
  • Summary
  • Local visions for demographic transitions
  • Older workers
  • Silver, white and green economy
  • Urban and local sustainable development
  • Family policy
  • Policy indexes
  • Conclusions

CHAPTER 5 Guidelines for local management of demographic transitions in labour MARKETs AND ageing society in poland

  • Managing the demographic transition with sustainable economic development
  • Focusing on family policy in light of low fertility levels
  • Encouraging healthy and active communities for youth and within an ageing society
  • Developing the silver economy and managing the ageing workforce
  • Increasing skills and competency levels in light of a changing workforce
  • European Social Fund as an instrument of change
  • Annexes
  • note on Contributors



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