Explore PISA 2012 Mathematics and Problem Solving Test Questions
The OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluates education systems worldwide by testing 15-year-olds in key subjects. The focus of PISA 2012 was mathematics. Some countries chose to assess problem-solving too. To understand more about the PISA 2012 mathematics and problem-solving tests, click below to answer sample questions, explore the concepts and skills being tested and learn what 15-year-olds students at different proficiency levels can do.
How It Works
1 Choose the subject to generate a question. 
2 Read a little background material about your question and then
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Test Levels
The PISA test contains questions
representing 6 levels of proficiency.
Learn more about the levels for each subject. 
Question Categories
The PISA test contains question which provide different contexts and test different skills. Click on the subject below to learn more about the subject categories and skills being tested.