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  • Key findings: PISA key findings include rankings of student performance by country/economy and  information on student background, their approaches to learning and the organisation of their schools.

  • Databases for each year the students took the test: 20122009200620032000
  • Log-file databases for released PISA 2012 computer-based items (compressed SPSS data files)

Codebook and instructions for merging files (pdf)

Data for problem solving (83 MB)

Digital reading (90 MB)

Computer-based mathematics (23 MB)


  • Briefs: Pisa in Focus: ‌A series of ‌concise 4-page monthly education policy-oriented briefs designed to describe a PISA topic. 

  • Video series: Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education: Produced jointly by the OECD and the Pearson Foundation, this series of videos highlights initiatives taken by education authorities around the world to help school students do better.


Belgium (Flanders)          Finland          Netherlands

Brazil                                  Germany       Poland

Ontario (Canada)             Japan            Portugal

Shanghai, China              Korea            Singapore

In depth

Methodology, manuals

  • Background questionnaires: Questionnaires filled in by students, school principals and parents to provide contextual information.

  • Assessment frameworks: Theory behind the surveys - what they aim to achieve and how they're developed: 

    201520122009, 2006, 2003, 2000.
  • Manuals - survey implementation: 

PISA 2012 translation manuals and guidelines