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  Joining the PISA-based Test for Schools


The assessment is flexible and can be used to fit with local needs. Some examples of how the PISA-based Test for Schools can be used include:

  • On-demand availability for schools across a country or region
  • International school benchmarking at national or regional level
  • As a component of other research programmes, e.g., the OECD's Learning Environment's Evaluation Programme

Why participate in the assessment?

The PISA-based Test for Schools provides important peer learning opportunities for educators – locally, nationally and internationally – and the opportunity to share good practices to help identify “what works” to improve learning and build better skills for better lives. Participating schools receive the following:

  • A comprehensive 150-page report with over 40 figures that are unique to each school.
  • Information on the learning climate at school, as well as students’ engagement toward learning, to enhance school leaders’ understanding of the overall performance of a school.

Examples of relevant school policies and practices from around the world to stimulate reflections and discussions among local educators on school improvement.

How to Join

For more information on how to join, contact the PISA-based test for Schools team at pisabasedtestforschools@oecd.org.


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