PISA-based Test for Schools


The PISA-Based Test for Schools has been developed to meet the demand, from teachers and school leaders, for a tool that provides internationally comparable performance results as well as tangible insights on how to leverage improvements.


The Assessment Tool

Read about the assessment tool and type of results and information it provides to schools.


How to Join

Information for governments and organisations interested in joining the PISA-based Test for Schools programme.

Lessons from High Performers

Find out how schools or local school districts learn from the highest performing school systems.

Country Participation

The PISA-based Test for Schools is currently available to schools in the following countries:


It has also been implemented in:

  • Brunei
  • Moscow, Russia

Global Initiatives

Global Learning Network

A network of educators and district leaders who have taken the PISA-based Test for Schools, learned from their results and global best practices and made practice shifts that contribute to improved student outcomes.



An online collaborative learning platform that brings the insights from PISA back to schools and communities so that they can work with other schools around the world on how to help students learn better, teachers teach better and schools to become more engaging learning environments. Information on the 2017 pilot edition of pisa4u is available in this report Lessons Learned from the pisa4u Pilot

Find Out More

PISA-Based Test for Schools FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the assessment.


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