PISA 2018 Global Competence



What is global competence?

Global competence is the capacity to examine local, global and intercultural issues, to understand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others, to engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions with people from different cultures, and to act for collective well-being and sustainable development.



Learning to participate in interconnected, complex and diverse societies is no longer a luxury but a pressing necessity. Recognising the unique roles that schools play in preparing our youth to participate in our world, PISA has developed a framework to explain, foster and assess adolescents’ global competence. The framework is designed as a tool for policy makers, leaders, and teachers interested in nurturing global competence among young people world wide.

Assessment framework and instruments



Why do we need global competence?

  • to live harmoniously in multicultural communities
  • to thrive in a changing labour market
  • to use media platforms effectively and responsibly
  • to support the Sustainable Development Goals

Can schools promote global competence?
Schools play a crucial role in helping young people to develop global competence by:

  • providing opportunities to learn about global developments;
  • teaching students how they can develop a fact-based and critical worldview of today;
  • equipping students with the means to analyse a broad range of cultural practices and meanings;
  • engaging students in experiences that facilitate intercultural relations;
  • promoting the value of diversity

Additional resources


Evaluating Global Digital Education - Student Outcomes Framework

The powerful force of economic and cultural interdependence among nations called globalization, with all it strengths and drawbacks, is here to stay. How can the next generation of students be prepared for the challenges they will face?

AFS Global Competence Readiness Index for Schools.

This Index is a self-assessment tool for educators and schools at any grade level to identify how prepared they are to develop their students’ global competence.


  • Launch of the new OECD PISA Global Competence Framework, the foundation for the PISA 2018 Global Competence assessment. The launch took place in Harvard on 12 December 2017, in collaboration with Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Archived webcast - Preparing Our Youth for a Better World: OECD PISA Global Competence Framework Launch (12 December, 2017)

PowerPoint - Preparing our youth for an inclusive and sustainable world 
(PISA Global Competence Framework)
from EduSkills OECD




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