PISA 2018 Technical Report



Chapter 1: Programme for International Student Assessment - an Overview (forthcoming) Chapter 2: Test Design and Development (text)Tables and Figures
Chapter 3: Context Questionnaire Development (forthcoming) Chapter 4: Sample Design
Chapter 5: Translation Chapter 6: Survey Operations

Chapter 7: Quality Control (forthcoming) Chapter 8: Survey Weighting (text)Tables
Chapter 9: Scaling PISA Data Chapter 10: Data Management Procedures
Chapter 11: Sampling Outcomes (forthcoming) Chapter 12: Scaling Outcomes
Chapter 13: Coding Reliability Chapter 14: Data Adjudication (forthcoming)
Chapter 15: Proficiency Scale Construction Chapter 16: Procedures and Construct Validation of Context Questionnaire Data (forthcoming)
Chapter 17: Questionnaire Design and Computer-based Questionnaire Platform (text)Table  Chapter 18: Computer Platform (forthcoming)
Chapter 19: International Data Products