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The PISA-Based Test for Schools is a student assessment tool geared for use by schools and networks of schools to support research, benchmarking and school improvement efforts. In the United States, the assessment is known as the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA). The assessment tool provides descriptive information and analyses on the skills and creative application of knowledge of 15-year-old students in reading, mathematics, and science, comparable to existing PISA scales (when administered under appropriate conditions). 

The assessment also provides information on how different factors within and outside school associate with student performance. Contextual questionnaires geared for schools and students are an important part of the assessment. Information about students’ socio-economic backgrounds, their attitudes and interests in reading, science and mathematics and the learning environment at school are all addressed in the assessment.

The OECD completed the international pilot trial of the assessment in March 2013. Since 2010 and under the guidance of the PISA Governing Board (PGB), the OECD has carried out the development of the assessment and the implementation of the pilot in collaboration with schools and local partners in different countries.

It is expected that the PISA-Based Test for Schools will provide important peer-to-peer learning opportunities for local educators – locally, nationally and internationally – as well as the opportunity to share good practices to help identify “what works” to improve learning and build better skills for better lives.

The assessment tool and sample test items

  • Read about the assessment tool and type of results and information provided to schools from the assessment. Try out a selection of PISA-Based Test for Schools reading, mathematics and science questions. 

Country information and global learning network

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