What is PISA?

PISA is the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment. PISA measures 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematics and science knowledge and skills to meet real-life challenges. Read more about PISA in our latest brochure.

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  • PISA 2018 Volume V: Effective Policies, Successful Schools

    Launch 9 June 2020

PISA 2018: How are students doing?

Andreas Schleicher highlights key findings from PISA 2018 – the test the whole world can take.

What is PISA?


Since 2000, PISA has involved more than


countries and economies

and around

3, 000, 000

students worldwide


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Next steps

PISA 2021

This years focus is mathematics with an additional test in creative thinking. The new PISA 2021 mathematics framework was recently launched.

Preparations for this test are underway with participants from 36 OECD members and likely 50+ non-members involved.

PISA 2024

PISA 2024 will focus on science and include an optional assessment of competence in foreign languages.

For PISA 2024 countries will be given the opportunity to participate in the optional assessment of Learning in the Digital World. The objective of this assessment includes developing embedded assessment tasks in an open-ended, digital learning environment, and the analysis and scoring of the data.

On 4 February 2020, a Q&A webinar for bidders to develop and implement the assessment of Learning in the Digital World, took place.

See the PowerPoint presented during the webinar.


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