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  • 28-May-2003


    International Network of Pension Regulators and Supervisors: Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

    29-30 May, Hyderabad, India. The objective of this meeting was to pursue dialogue on major policy issues related to the private pension reform, regulation and supervision in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • 20-January-2003

    English, , 270kb

    Revised Taxonomy for Pension Plans, Pension Funds and Pension Entities

    The development of a taxonomy for pension systems is one of the key activities of the OECD Working Party on Private Pensions. It is necessary both for future data collection projects and policy discussions. The final version of this taxonomy will...

  • 18-November-2002


    AIOS-OECD Conference on Private Pensions in Latin America

    18-19 November 2002, San Salvador, El Salvador. The main purpose of this conference was to promote high-level policy dialogue on private pension issues in Latin America, with a view to exchanging experiences on the design and operation of private pension ...

  • 23-October-2002


    OECD/INPRS Korea Conference on Private Pensions in Asia

    23-25 October 2002, Seoul, Korea. The objective of the Conference was to discuss the various important issues regarding the regulation and supervision of private pensions in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • 12-September-2002

    Portuguese, , 16kb

    Structure and Practice of Pension Supervision in Brazil

    By the Brazilian Ministry of Social Security. (In Portuguese)

  • 23-May-2002


    Second OECD Conference on Private Pensions in Brazil

    23-24 May 2002, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The aim of this meeting was to pursue high-level policy dialogue between OECD countries and their Brazilian counterparts on major private pension issues.

  • 29-April-2002


    First Contractual Savings Conference: Supervisory and Regulatory Issues in Private Pensions and Life Insurance

    29 April-3 May 2002, Washington DC, United States. Organised jointly by the World Bank, the OECD and the INPRS, the key objective of this conference was to discuss the role of contractual savings in developed and developing ...

  • 6-February-2002


    OECD Workshop on Insurance and Private Pensions and INPRS Regional Meeting

    Tallinn, Estonia. 6-8 February 2002. This OECD Workshop was organised back to back with the Regional Meeting of the International Network of Pensions Regulators and Supervisors for the Central and Eastern European countries.

  • 25-January-2002


    Insurance and Private Pensions Compendium for Emerging Economies

    This compendium brings together a wide range of material from OECD's accumulated work and experience in the insurance and private pensions fields, including guidelines, best practice recommendations, comparative surveys, analytical data, reports...

  • 17-October-2001


    Asian-Pacific Regional International Network of Pensions Regulators and Supervisors (INPRS)

    24 October 2001, Beijing, China. The first meeting of the Asian-Pacific Regional International Network of Pensions Regulators and Supervisors (INPRS).

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