Long Term Care and Healthcare Insurance in OECD and Other Countries


Long Term Care and Health Care Insurance in OECD and other Countries

Date of publication
10 February 2020


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10/02/2020- Ageing is affecting many OECD countries and, as demographic change progresses, governments will be challenged to identify financially sustainable ways to support the care of ageing populations. This is particularly important for long-term care and health care, as increasing expenditures may become financially unsustainable for many countries while compromising on care options is rarely realistic. Many countries are or will struggle with how to reform their care systems to bring these costs under control, while ensuring that those in need can access the necessary care of quality.


The OECD is investigating how insurance can support the social security network and, in particular, long-term care and health care systems. Financing the long-term care and health care systems can be burdensome for countries and finding financing solutions that support fiscal budgets is an important consideration with ageing economies and demographic changes.


This report is a stocktaking of long-term care and health care systems in OECD and non-OECD countries with a strong focus on the nature of the insurance markets that contribute to these systems.


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