Policy Coherence for Development

Launch of the International Platform on Policy Coherence for Development


The OECD is pleased to launch on 1 November its International Platform on Policy Coherence for Development. The Platform seeks to respond to demand for an online “one-stop-shop” on PCD resources and is open to all stakeholders – OECD members, partner countries, CSOs, the private sector and other organisations. It is intended to be an interactive tool that will be built up gradually with your help. The Platform is made up of several elements:


First, it is a repository of PCD documents. Those interested in learning more about PCD will only need to visit this one site in order to find documents and links to PCD publications, presentations and national experiences etc.


Second, it will have special topical features every month. Here, we will seek to identify and share OECD evidence on the costs of incoherencies (and benefits of coherencies) in the specific sector and hope that others will react and share their information with us.


Third, it will have a section on tools and methods for assessing PCD. This is a particularly challenging area that requires much additional work and collaboration.


And fourth, the site will be used for online consultations on the OECD Strategy on Development. We encourage you to participate and give us your views on the Strategy as it is being elaborated.


Visit the Platform at: https://community.oecd.org/community/pcd


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