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  • 17-July-2009

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  • 8-July-2009

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  • 12-June-2009


  • 8-June-2009


    Presentations at the 8 June 2009 PCD meeting

    Presentations at the 8 June 2009 PCD meeting

  • 16-February-2009


  • 12-December-2008


    Policy Coherence for Development and Migration - High Level Parliamentary Conference in Brussels

    The conference will be based on presentations of available data on migration trends of the various regions of origin underlining the specificities of the PCD issues. It will provide a political space for exchange of views and experiences on topics related to migration policies and their development dimension in migrants' countries of origin. Debates among parliamentarians will be introduced by High Level keynote speakers and experts.

  • 13-June-2008


    OECD Ministerial Declaration on Policy Coherence for Development

    On the occasion of the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris on 4-5 June 2008, Ministers adopted the OECD Declaration<SPAN lang=EN-GB style="FONT-SIZ

  • 12-June-2008


    OECD Ministers Reaffirm Their Commitment to Policy Coherence for Development

    OECD Minsters Reaffirm Their Commitment to Policy Coherence for Development

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  • 24-June-2007


    Progress Report on Policy Coherence presented at the 2009 MCM

    At the 2009 Meeting of the Council at Ministerial Level (24-25 June) Ministers were briefed about the progress made in Policy Coherence at the OECD.

  • 4-December-2006


    Publication series: The Development Dimension

    The Development Dimension series brings together analyses of development-related challenges across policies in topic. By systematically taking the development dimension of member country policies into account, OECD analysis and dialogue can help change behavior in support of development in an ever more integrated, interdependent global economy.

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