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Please note that this list provides only partial information about the many meetings that take place at the OECD in Paris and elsewhere. See list of past high-level ministerial meetings. For further information, please contact the Media Division.


Last update: 22/5/2015






Launch of African Economic Outlook 2015. 


Statistics : Quarterly National Accounts GDP Growth.


Launch of Skills Outlook 2015


International Transport Forum’s 2015 Summit. Leipzig, Germany.


Statistics : Trade. 



2 Statistics : Consumer Price Indices.   
2 Launch of the Better Life Index (BLI) 2015.   
2-3 OECD Forum 2015. Paris, France.  
3 Launch of OECD Economic Outlook 2015 (preliminary version).   
3-5 World Economic Forum on Africa 2015. Cape Town, South Africa.   
4 Launch of Trade Facilitation Indicators.  
5 World Environment Day.  
5 7th International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean. Paris, France.   
Statistics : Composite Leading Indicators.  
10 Launch of Economic Survey of New Zealand 2015.   
8-11 The International Economic Forum of the Americas. Montreal, Quebec. Canada.   
9 Statistics : Harmonised Unemployment Rates.  
10-11 OECD/USCIB International Tax Conference 2015. Washington, USA.   
11 Statistics : Quarterly National Accounts GDP Growth.  
17 Launch of Finance and Inclusive Growth.   
18 JUMP Forum The Female Economy. Paris, France.   
18-19 3rd Global Foru‌‌m on Responsible Business Conduct. Paris, France.   
23 Statistics : Unit Labour Costs.   
23 Launch of Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2015: Settling In  
24-26 11th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development. Manchester, UK.  
25 Launch of Taxing Energy Use 2015  
29 UNGA High-level Event on Climate Change. New York City, USA.   
29 Women’s Forum Meetings. Milan, Italy.   


1 Launch of the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook.  
2 Statistics : Consumer Price Indices.   
6 Statistics : Quarterly National Accounts GDP Growth.  
8 Statistics : Composite Leading Indicators.  
9 Statistics : Harmonised Unemployment Rates.  
11 World Population Day.  
13-16 3rd International Conference on Financing for Development. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  
16 Statistics : Employment.   
21-30 International Summer School for cooperation and local development for Latin American countries - 6th edition. Trento, Italy.   


4 Statistics : Consumer Price Indices.  
10 Statistics : Composite Leading Indicators.  
12 International Youth Day.  
23-28 World Water Week. Stockholm, Sweden.  
27 Statistics : Quarterly National Accounts GDP Growth.  


25 Council on Business and Society: Energy Forum. Boston, USA.   


16 OECD Forum 2015 Knowledge Partner, IE Business School, Venture Day. Paris, France.