To tackle poverty, understand its hidden aspects - conference on new findings, OECD 10 May 2019


17/04/2019 - Poverty affects people in different ways.  To tackle it effectively we need to understand its different forms and consequences, and particularly aspects that are hidden or not clearly recognised.


An international team of researchers, professionals working with poor communities and people living in poverty in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Britain, France, Tanzania and the US have attempted to define and assess the different ways poverty is experienced. Their report The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty will be published and discussed at an OECD-hosted conference in Paris on 10 May 2019.


The report, produced by the University of Oxford and the international NGO ATD Fourth World, is based on the pooled reflections of people with a direct experience of poverty, practitioners and academics, in developed and developing countries, who worked together for three years. It explains the complexity of poverty through a number of dimensions such as disempowerment, material and social deprivation, institutional or social maltreatment, and looks at how these are then modified by further factors, such as environment, identity or cultural beliefs.


Journalists wishing to obtain a copy of The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty, embargoed until 09.00 (CET) on 10 May 2019, should write to:


To attend the conference on Addressing the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty, journalists should contact: indicating which media they are from.


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