Reports on regional and city government launch at Marseille ministerial 5-6 December 2013


22/11/2013 - For regional and city authorities, tackling the consequences of the economic crisis – from rising unemployment and poverty to falling investment and business activity – is an everyday challenge.


Action at the local level is therefore crucial to national strategies of restoring economic growth and boosting jobs. Coordinating national, regional and urban policies is key to sustained and inclusive national recoveries.


How different levels of government can work more effectively together to build a better economic, social and environmental future will be at the heart of discussions between government ministers from 25 countries during the international Regions and Cities ministerial meeting to be held at the Villa Méditerrannée in Marseille on 5-6 December 2013.


The following media launches will take place: 


Thursday 5 December


13.00 - OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría presents two new OECD reports; Regions at a Glance and Investing Together: Working Effectively Across Levels of Government


18.00 - Launch of OECD case study of the metropolitan region of Aix-Marseille with MrGurría and Marylise Lebranchu, France’s Minister for State Reform and Decentralisation.


Regions at a Glance looks at how the economic crisis has increased inequalities and differences between regions within OECD countries. It provides an extensive range of data and policy advice on topics such as health provision, income, education and the environment, with new indicators on major metropolitan areas.


Investing Together: Working Effectively Across Levels of Government points out thatregional and city governments undertake on average 40% of total public spending and 72% of direct public investment in the OECD area. It looks at how to coordinate efficient investment amid increased pressure on public budgets. It also looks at tackling the fragmentation of roles and responsibilities often found in metropolitan areas and improve capacity of local governments.


TheOECD’s Case Study of the Metropolitan Region of Aix-Marseille analyses the governance challenges facing France’s third largest metropolitan area to overcome the fragmentation of governance and proposes a number of steps to take to help boost economic dynamism and competitiveness.


Further information about the ministerial meeting on Regions and Cities: Where policies and people meet, including the programme, can be found here. Several sessions are open to the media. The conference is organised by the OECD, France’s Ministry of State Reform and Decentralisation, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region and the City of Marseille.


For further information, or to request advance copies of the reports (embargoed until their launches on 5 December 2013) or to register for the Regions and Cities meeting, journalists should contactthe OECD’s Media Division ( ; tel.: +33 1 45 24 97 00).


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