Official visit of the Secretary-General to Portugal (2-3 May 2007)


During his official visit to Portugal, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría met with:

  • Mr. Aníbal CAVACO SILVA, President
  • Mr. José SÓCRATES, Prime Minister
  • Mr. Luís AMADO, Minister of State and Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. José Mariano GAGO, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education
  • Mr. Manuel PINHO, Minister for Economy and Innovation
  • Mr. José António VIEIRA DA SILVA, Minister for Labour and Social Solidarity
  • Mr. Vítor CONSTÂNCIO, Governor of the Central Bank
  • Mr. Manuel ALEGRE, Deputy President of the Parliament
  • Mr. Basílio HORTA DE FRANÇA, President of the Invest in Portugal Agency
  • Mr. Abel MATEUS, President of the Competition Authority
  • Mr. Carlos ZORRINHO, National Co-ordinator for the Lisbon Strategy

Additionally, Mr Gurría addressed business leaders and journalists at the Ministry of Economy seminar on Climate Change, Innovation and Economic Growth

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