Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2018 releases Tuesday 18 September


12/09/2018 - The nature of work is changing rapidly. Technological progress and automation offer an opportunity to boost productivity and create flexible working conditions, yet there are growing concerns about the extent to which many jobs will change or disappear and whether the future of work could exacerbate geographical inequalities.

Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2018: Preparing for the Future of Work

Tuesday 18 September at 9:30 am in Porto, Portugal


A new OECD report, Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2018: Preparing for the Future of Work, draws on local level occupational data to examine which regions within countries risk being more exposed than others to job automation because of their economic structure and the skills of their workers.

OECD Deputy Secretary General Mari Kiviniemi will present the report after an intervention by Portuguese Labour Minister José António da Fonseca Viera da Silva at 9:30 local time on Tuesday 18 September during the OECD Forum for Local Development Practitioners, Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators at the Alfandega Porto Congress Centre, Rua Nova da Alfândega, Edificio de Alfândega 4050–430 Porto.

(See event agenda)


Journalists are welcome to attend the launch event, and can request an advance copy of the report under embargo, by emailing For further information, please contact Catherine Bremer in the OECD Media Office (+33 1 45 24 80 97).

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