Invitation: Workshop OECD/AJEF on "Skills Strategy" - Tuesday 19 June at 13h00 (Paris time)


10/05/2012 - How to optimise the skills of the labour market to anticipate business demand and promote growth and social cohesion in these times of record unemployment?  


The OECD report "Skills Strategy" addresses these issues which are at the heart of government priorities.  The report will be presented, during our upcoming OECD/AJEF workshop, on Tuesday 19 June from 13 to 14:30 (*):



What  strategies are needed to convert knowledge and skills into quality jobs and sustainable growth?


Andreas Schleicher
Special Advisor to the Secretary-General and Coordinator of the Skills Strategy



Principal analyst for Youth and Older Workers Policies

from the OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs


Also present:

  • Sylvain Giguère, Head of Division of Economic Development and Employment (LEED)
  • Stéphane Carcillo, Economist/Social Policy Analyst economist from the OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Division.


Workshop will be moderated by Françoise Crouigneau,

Deputy Head of the French Association of Economic & Financial Journalists (AJEF)



OCDE, Room E (le Château), 2 rue André Pascal (, Paris
* A light snack will be offered from 12:45

Please note that this workshop will be conducted in English and French with interpretation

To register, please contact before Monday 18 June  2012 at 17h00 p.m. Paris time.


These workshops/ateliers are held on a monthly basis and are co-organised with the AJEF for journalists and students of journalism. They aim to help analyse and understand economic mechanisms and tendencies which determine the international economic climate, so that journalists can fine tune their reports. For more information, please visit
This workshop will be under the Chatham House Rule: Stakeholders and the OECD cannot be quoted.
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