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STI at OECD Week

A highlight of the OECD year is the OECD Forum and Ministerial Council Meeting, which took place this year between 31 May and 2 June. The theme of “Productive Economies, Inclusive Societies” drew significantly on STI work – catch STI Director Andrew Wyckoff leading discussion on the move from a pre-digital to digital economy and debating the digitalisation of society, or economist Christian Reimsbach-Kounatze contemplating the algorithmic society.

Digital Economy


Countdown to Cancun

Following OECD week, STI starts the final countdown to the Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy, being held in Cancun from June 21-23. The first of the background reports, Skills for a Digital World will be available from Thursday 2 June, with others quickly following. These will underpin the discussions by leading policy makers, business people and civil society stakeholders over the course of the meeting. As well as the topics of global connectivity, trust, and jobs and skills, the reports also address the issues of Internet openness and its importance, and how government approaches to digital innovation can be used to support other policy objectives like regional development and addressing poverty. @OECDInnovation #OECDdigitalMX

Innovation and Productivity


Save the date: 2016 Conference of the Global Forum on Productivity

Productivity growth drives long-term living standards, and boosting economic growth will increasingly depend upon improvements in multi-factor productivity. However, productivity has slowed in many OECD countries, raising concerns about prospects for the future.

The Global Forum on Productivity (GFP) was launched by the OECD in 2015 to foster international co-operation between public bodies with responsibility for promoting productivity-enhancing policies. The GFP is a platform where participants convene to exchange information and data, discuss best practices and frontier-research findings, and undertake joint productivity analysis. The first Conference of the Global Forum will take place on July 7-8 in Lisbon, Portugal.
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Update to the R&D statistics database

The 2016 edition of the annual Research and Development Statistics has been published. This database provides the most recent, comprehensive and detailed statistics on the resources devoted to R&D in OECD countries and other major economies, and contributes to the OECD Main Science and Technology Indicators and other STI flagship publications.  The statistical series is based on data provided by national statistical offices to the OECD and cover, inter alia, R&D expenditure by source of funds and type of costs, and R&D personnel by occupation, gender and field of science. The statistics are available from 1981 onwards.

The database is being revised as part of the implementation of the 2015 OECD Frascati Manual. We welcome your feedback through the online questionnaire.


OECD Blue Sky Forum on Science and Innovation Indicators: Registration opens 7 June

Thanks to the many researchers and experts across the world who sent us a large number of high quality submissions for the OECD Blue Sky Forum in Ghent, Belgium, on 19-21 September 2016! The Blue Sky Forum, that takes place every 10 years, will identify evidence gaps in science and innovation and develop a common agenda to address these data needs over the next decade.

Registrations open 7 June, with early bird rates available until 30 June. For more information visit the website or contact


Will new technologies bring strong economic growth with opportunities for all?

Will new technologies bring strong economic growth with opportunities for all? The Symposium on Technology, Innovation and Inclusive Growth: Future Perspectives that took place in Paris on 28-29 April 2016, concluded that new technologies may significantly improve income, health and welfare, and that digital innovation can foster social mobility through processes of creative destruction. At the same time, investment in infrastructure and human capital, including reskilling of workers, is essential to allow developing countries to catch up. A full overview of results can be found here.

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OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy- Recommendations for Luxembourg

Recommendations for Luxembourg’s Innovation Policies are now available in French. Luxembourg is encouraged to introduce a national innovation strategy that ensures public investments in research contribute to the government’s goals to diversify the economy, increase social well-being, and improve sustainability.

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