NAEC in the News

The Pandemic is Revealing a New Form of National Power,
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic 
(15 Novembr 2020)

Resilience and Covid-19

Combine resilience and efficiency in post-COVID societiesNature (8 December 2020)
“Se há uma coisa boa que podemos retirar da crise é o reconhecimento de que os governos podem operar grandes mudanças”
 ("If there’s one good thing we can take away from the crisis, it’s the recognition that governments can make big changes"), Nuno Aguiar, Examine (27 October 2020)
The big question: Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on economic growth, ESI Africa (13 October 2020)
Econ 3.0? What economists can contribute to (and learn from) the pandemic, MIT Technology Review (28 September 2020)
NYU’s Epstein on fear and complacency in the age of Covid, Rob Mannix, (7 September 2020)
Coronavirus: Gurrìa (Ocse), Italia esemplare in gestione crisi (Coronavirus: Gurrìa (OECD), Italy exemplary in crisis management), Agenzia Nova (3 September 2020)
Developing world's burgeoning middle class risks being wiped out in coronavirus crash The Telegraph (10 August 2020)
What could sustainable exit from covid-19 ‘debt trap’ look like?, Elena Johansson, Expert Investor (18 June 2020)
Krugman, Spence ve Rodrik ne diyor? (What do Krugman, Spence and Rodrik say?), Osman Arolat, Dünya (8 June 2020)
The wellbeing approach is more important than ever in a crisis like Covid-19, David Hall, The Spinoff (13 May 2020)
Economists need to abandon their comfort zones to deal with Covid-19, Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times (3 May 2020)

Coronavirus crisis lays bare the risks of financial leverage, again
Martin Wolf, The Financial Times
(28 April 2020)

"It is time for a paradigm shift, and this change must take place in the streets of Europe"

The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, speaking at the OECD-NAEC conference "Confronting Planetary Emergencies", has called on the world to “reflect on the systemic weaknesses” Covid-19 has exposed and develop a fresh approach to economic thinking and inequality. 

Michael D Higgins says world must ‘reflect on systemic weaknesses’ in society exposed by COVID-19, The Irish Post (10 October 2020)

Irish Examiner view: Contributing to global change

OECD Conference ["Confronting Planetary Emergencies"] inlcudes discussions on how countries are responding to the pandemic and how prepared we are to confront global emergencies.

Irish Examiner view: Contributing to global change
(8 October 2020)

NAEC and Brain Capital

Move over Data, Brain Capital is the New Oil, Psychiatric Times (14 January 2021)
The Brain Economy, RSA Issue 3 2020
Focusing on employee brain health could relaunch the economy, ScienceBlog, University of Texas (27 October 2020)
Team proposes a holistic economic reimagination that focuses on brain health to improve employees' resilience, Center for Brain Health, Medical Xpress (27 October 2020)
A Brain Capital Grand Strategy: toward economic reimagination, Molecular Psychiatry (26 October 2020)
The BrainHealth project could create a resilient economy, Center for Brain Health, EurekAlert (26 October 2020)

Brain Capital: A new economic and investment approach, Prodeo Institute, (26 October 2020)

Den Paradigmenwechsel Befeuern (Firing up a Paradigm Shift)
Forbes Magazine (German language edition) (14 July 2020) 

New Approaches to Economic Thinking

NAEC questions traditional economic ideas and offers new economic tools and methods. But what would a more resilient and inclusive system look like?, Forbes Magazine (17 June 2020)
Build-back better to withstand the next global systemic economic disaster, Sharon Wood, Business Maverick (9 June 2020)
Co dalej z globalizacjÄ…? Laureat Nagrody Nobla odpowiada (What next for globalisation? Nobel Laureat responds), Forbes Magazine (Polish language edition) (23 May 2020)
Laver la main invisible, Alan Kirman, On décide quoi pour demain?, Le petit carnet des éditions paroles hors série (June 2020)
Os punks da OCDE. Em busca de uma economia alternativa (The punks of the OECD. In search of an alternative economy), Nuno Aguiar, Exame (25 Feb 2020)

The Financial System

Covid recovery will stem from digital business
Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times 
(4 October 2020)

OECD’s NAEC publishes a tour de force in The Financial System
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
(30 September 2020)

Beyond Growth: Towards a New Economic Approach

Thinking Beyond Growth
Andrew Sheng, The Statesman
(28 September 2020)

Covid-19 drives leaders to make unprecedented interventions but what next?
Larry Elliott, The Guardian 
(13 September 2020)