NAEC and the Italian Presidency of the G20


The Italian G20 Presidency will explore new policy thinking and acting through the New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) Initiative and host a number of dialogues at the OECD to consider and prepare key priorities. Notable commentators and analysts from Italy will be drawn into the discussion in which substantive experts from OECD will make comments and proposals.


NAEC G20 Seminar Series

13 October 2020 - Gian Carlo Blangiardo


Gian Carlo Blangiardo, President of the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat)

Mr Gian Carlo Blangiardo has been president of Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics) since 4 February 2019. He has been teaching demography at the University of Milan “Bicocca” since 1998. He began his university career in 1973 as a research fellow in statistics at the University “Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” and, from 1975 as a researcher, at the University of Milan. At the same university, he was appointed lecturer (1978-1981), associate professor (1981-1994) and full professor (1994-1998). Blangiardo's research work has focused on statistical methodology, demography and social statistics. He has been collaborating with various institutions for many years. He was President of the Istat Commission on the technical and methodological aspects of the 2001 Population Census (1999-2002) and a member of the Committee for the estimation of absolute poverty (2006-2007). He has also been part of the Istat Commissions on the measurement of Wellbeing Beyond GDP (2011-2016) and for the definition of electoral constituencies (2015). He is a member of several national and regional committees dealing with demographic dynamics and transformations, social exclusion and poverty; he has also written several reports on these issues and on immigration and integration. He has authored more than 250 papers in several scientific journals and collaborates with the newspapers “Il Sole24ore”, “Avvenire”, “Eco di Bergamo”, “Il”.

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16 September 2020 - Andrea Montanino


Andrea Montanino, Chief Economist Gruppo CDP and former Chief Economist of Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industries

Mr Andrea Montanino is the Chief Economist Gruppo CDP (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti) and former Chief Economist of Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industries. Previously, he spent five years in Washington DC, first as Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund representing the governments of Italy, Albania, Greece, Malta, Portugal, and San Marino, and later as C. Boyden Gray Fellow and Director at the Atlantic Council, a leading American think tank. Before joining the IMF, he served in the Italian Ministry of Finance, from 2006 to 2008, as the economic adviser of Minister Padoa-Schioppa, and from 2008 till 2012 a Director General at the Treasury Department. During that period, he was also non-executive board member of F2i – Fondi Italiani per le Infrastrutture, Fondo Italiano di Investimento, Sogei, and Vice Chairman of MedioCredito Centrale-Banca del Mezzogiorno. Before that he spent four years at the European Commission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs. He holds a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics.

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17 July 2020 - Giampiero Massolo


Giampiero Massolo, President of the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)

Mr Giampiero Massolo is President of ISPI since January 2017. He has also been Chairman of Fincantieri Spa since May 2016. He was appointed Deputy Diplomatic Advisor to the Prime Minister on October 1993. In 1994, he was designated Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister. Since June 1996 he served as Head of the Press and Information Office and the Minister’s spokesman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since September 2001, he served as Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Between March 2004 and May 2006, he was Director General for Multilateral Political Affairs and Human Rights and then Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. On January 2006, he was appointed to the rank of Ambassador. Director General for Personnel since May 2006, in September 2007 he became Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From April 2008 to December 2009 he also served as Personal Representative of the Italian Prime Minister for the G8/G20 Summits (Sherpa). From May 2012 until May 2016 he was the Director General of the Department for Intelligence and Security (DIS), the coordinating body of the Italian intelligence community.

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