New Analytical Tools and Techniques for Economic Policymaking


Understanding of economic issues such as growth, financial crises, systemic risk, innovation and sustainability can benefit from the revolution taking place across a range of scientific disciplines and in the social sciences. This revolution is being driven by the interaction between technological progress in computing and communications and the new sources and greater quantities of data this makes available.

This NAEC conference offered a timely opportunity for policy-makers, academics and researchers in economics to discuss the state-of-the-art policy applications emerging from the new analytical tools and techniques. It looked at how methodological innovations and inter-disciplinary approaches such as agent-based modelling, nowcasting, machine learning, and network analysis could contribute to better understanding of the complexity and interaction of our economic, financial, social and environmental systems.

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15 April - am / pm
16 April - am / pm

NAEC and its partners held masterclasses with some of the world’s leading practitioners on complexity, network analysis and agent-based modelling.

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17 April-  am / pm


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