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  • 14-February-2015


    Working papers on migration

    List of working papers on migration

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  • 18-November-2014

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    A New Profile of Migrants in the Aftermath of the Recent Economic Crisis

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  • 10-January-2014

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    WORKING PAPER N° 155 Migration as an adjustment mechanism in the crisis? A comparison of Europe and the United States

    Whether migration can be an equilibrating force in the labour market is an important criterion for an optimal currency area. The migration reaction to high labour market disparities is of interest particularly within the Eurozone, which lacks an exchange-rate mechanism. This paper compares pre- and post-crisis migration movements at the regional level in both Europe and the United States.

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  • 14-February-2012

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    The labour market integration of immigrants and their children in Switzerland

    Labour market integration of immigrants in Switzerland is generally successful: three quarters of immigrants in Switzerland are in employment – more than in any other OECD country. However, some groups are disadvantaged and at risk of being left behind, according to a new report.

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  • 27-July-2011

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    International Migrants in Developed, Emerging and Developing Countries: An Extended Profile (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No 114)

    This paper provides a detailed picture of immigrant and emigrant populations around the year 2000 based on the new global bilateral migration database DIOC-E.