Policy Briefs

  • 1-December-2014


    Migration Policy Debates

    This series offers a comprehensive overview of latest developments in policies that deal with migration management and integration.

  • 1-December-2014

    English, PDF, 723kb

    "Who should be admitted as a labour migrant?"

    This fourth edition of Migration Policy Debates looks at the latest developments in policies for managing labour migration and at how they can evolve to meet the complexities of today’s migration landscape.

  • 1-December-2014

    English, PDF, 644kb

    "How can migrants’ skills be put to use?"

    This third edition of Migration Policy Debates looks at policy approaches that can help migrants find jobs and, especially, jobs that match their skills.

  • 20-May-2014

    English, PDF, 420kb

    The Fiscal and Economic Impact of Migration

    Developing an accurate understanding of the fiscal and economic impacts of migration is essential to informing public debate. It is also vital if governments are to design effective policies that maximise the contribution of immigrants to their new homes.

  • 12-March-2010

    English, Excel, 604kb

    International Migration of Health Workers (Policy Brief)

    Because the international migration of doctors and nurses has become increasingly visible, it is often seen as the main culprit behind these shortages.