High-Level Forum on Migration: Forum Documentation


  • International Migration Outlook 2009 
    This edition serves as background documentation for the High Level Policy Forum on Migration (OECD Paris, 29-30 June 2009). The first chapter examines the economic crisis and its impact on international migration, describes how flows and migration policy have been recently affected by the crisis, and analyses the forecast for medium and long- term impact. The second chapter addresses the management of labour migration, both high-skilled and lesser skilled, in order to respond to future labour market demand and redirect irregular migration into authorised channels.


  • Issues for discussion
    This note provides some questions to help guide the discussions among Forum participants. The structure of the note follows the programme for the one and a half day conference (Paris, 29-30 June 2009). More detail on the impact on the current economic crisis on migration, on the management of labour migration to support economic growth and on the integration of immigrants can be found below in the Background Paper prepared for the Forum.
  • Labour market integration of immigrants and their children
    The labour market integration of immigrants is a topical issue in many OECD countries. This document presents the key findings from the recent OECD country reviews on the labour market integration of immigrants and their children (Jobs for Immigrants, vol. 1 and 2). It looks at recent developments in integration policy and provides an overview of the labour market outcomes of immigrants as well as their main determinants. Lastly, the document makes recommendations for an effective integration policy and provides examples of good practices from the countries reviewed.
  • Policy Brief - International Migration: Charting a course through the crisis 
    The economic downturn affecting the global economy since mid-2008 has turned into a jobs crisis. In this context this OECD policy brief tries to respond to the following questions: How are immigrants faring in the labour market? What are the short term effects of the economic crisis on migration flows and policies? How will migration flows change, quantitatively and qualitatively, in the medium term? What are the main long term challenges in terms of integration of immigrants? How and how much will origin countries be affected by the impact of the economic crisis on migration?