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Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2015: Settling In (2015)

This joint publication by the OECD and the European Commission presents the first broad international comparison across all EU and OECD countries of the outcomes for immigrants and their children, through 27 indicators organised around five areas: Employment, education and skills, social inclusion, civic engagement and social cohesion (Chapters 5 to 12). Three chapters present detailed contextual information (demographic and immigrant-specific) for immigrants and immigrant households (Chapters 2 to 4). Two special chapters are dedicated to specific groups. The first group is that of young people with an immigrant background, whose outcomes are often seen as the benchmark for the success or failure of integration. The second group are third-country nationals in the European Union, who are the target of EU integration policy.



The OECD series Making Integration Work draws on key lessons from the OECD’s work on integration, particularly the Jobs for Immigrants country reviews series. The objective is to summarise in a non-technical way the main challenges and good policy practices to support the lasting integration of immigrants and their children for selected key groups and domains of integration. Each volume presents ten lessons and examples of good practice, complemented by synthetic comparisons of the integration policy frameworks in OECD countries.

Making Integration Work: Family Migrants (2017)

Making Integration Work: Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications (2017)

Making Integration Work: Refugees and others in need of protection (2016)

Country reviews on integration

Working Together: Skills and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants and their Children

  • Finland (forthcoming)
  • Sweden (2016)

Finding the Way: A Discussion of the Migrant Integration System

Labour market integration of immigrants and their children

 Prior to 2016, these reviews were also included in the Jobs for immigrants publication series:




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