• 15-January-2018


    International Forum on Migration Statistics

    It is my pleasure to open the inaugural OECD-IOM-UNDESA International Forum on Migration Statistics. We have a lot of ground to cover! The Forum includes over 240 high-level speakers and 700 registered participants from more than 90 countries. A warm welcome to you all, including those following us live on the web.

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  • 20-November-2017


    The OECD calls on France to modernise and strengthen the co-ordination of labour immigration

    In a new report, the OECD says that France should modernise and strengthen the co-ordination of labour immigration in order to attract foreign talent and align itself more closely with the needs of the labour market.

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  • 1-September-2015

    English, PDF, 624kb

    "Is school (still) one of the main routes of integration in France?" (in French only)

    This edition of the Migration Policy Debates looks at the capacity of the French educational system to integrate the most disadvantaged pupils and namely the foreign-born children or the offspring of foreign-born parents.

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  • 1-December-2014


    Key findings on migration in France 2014

    After two years of decline, permanent immigration to France from outside the EEA and Switzerland increased in 2012 to 163 000 persons (an annual increase of 6% and the highest level since 2006).