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  • 20-June-2017


    Mexico's Development Co-operation

    In 2016, Mexico published figures on its development co-operation programme for 2014 (Government of Mexico, 2016); these are the most recent consolidated figures available on Mexico’s development co-operation. According to these figures, Mexico’s international development co-operation reached USD 288 million in 2014, down from USD 396 million in 2013 (Government of Mexico, 2016).

  • 23-October-2010

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    Mexico - Key policies for sustainable development

    Following one of the steepest downturns among OECD countries, involving a 6.6% GDP contraction in 2009 and a substantial increase in unemployment and informality, the Mexican economy is now making an export-led recovery. GDP growth for 2010 is forecast at around 5%, one of the highest rates in the OECD.

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  • 4-October-2010

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    Perspectivas OCDE:México. Políticas clave para un desarrollo sostenible

    Después de haber registrado una de las caídas más pronunciada entre los países de la OCDE, con una contracción del PIB de un 6.6% durante 2009 y un aumento sensible del desempleo y la informalidad, la economía mexicana se está recuperando.

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