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  • 10-January-2012


    3rd Annual OECD-Mexican Ministry of Economy Conference on Regulatory Reform

    This 3rd Annual OECD-Mexican Ministry of Economy Conference allowed to reflect on the results achieved in the improvement of competitiveness, and to identify the challenges for Mexico for the immediate future.

  • 9-June-2011


    OECD Roundtable on the Contribution of Insurance and Pensions to Growth

    This roundtable focused on the role of insurance and private pension systems in fostering economic growth, including infrastructure development, innovation, and green growth.

  • 3-March-2011


    Mexico Requests the OECD to Review Procurement Procedures of the Energy Sector

    The OECD is joining forces with Mexico’s biggest state-owned enterprises, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) to reinforce the efficiency, transparency and competitiveness of their procurement procedures.

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  • 31-January-2011


    Mexico and G20

    Mexico's finance minister Ernesto Cordero talks about economic recovery and the G20 agenda during a visit to the OECD.

  • 24-January-2011


    Guide for Regulatory Quality at State and Municipal Levels in Mexico

    The Guide for state and municipal public servants provides concrete recommendations of high impact reforms that can be implemented in the short term.

  • 10-December-2010


    Climate change: COP16 Cancún

    The UN Climate Change Conference was held in Cancún, Mexico (COP16, 29 Nov-10 Dec 2010). What were the actions taken? For OECD experts involved at Cancún, policy focused on financing, market solutions and technological change.

  • 30-September-2010


    Seminar: Beyond the crisis - Returning to sustainable growth in Latin America, 24 November 2010

    This seminar brings together policy makers from Latin America and economists from academia, international organisations and the private sector to discuss policies that would help Latin American countries to strengthen their growth potential.

  • 1-September-2009


    5th Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information, 1-2 September 2009, Mexico City

    Representatives of almost 100 governments were invited to meet in Los Cabos, Mexico, on 1-2 September 2009 to decide next steps in a global campaign to improve transparency and exchange of banking, ownership and other information for tax purposes.

  • 21-January-2009


    Is Informal Normal? Towards More and Better Jobs in Developing Countries

    Shoe shine workers in Cairo, street vendors in Calcutta, badly-paid public officials driving their taxis at night in Moscow–this is informal employment. A new Development Centre study, "Is Informal Normal?", examines policy options to respond to the challenge of creating more and better job

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  • 2-December-2008


    Latin American Roundtable, Mexico City, 2-3 December 2008

    This meeting in Mexico City provided an important opportunity to take stock of recent corporate governance-related developments in Latin America, particularly in the wake of the current global financial turmoil.

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