• 18-March-2015


    OECD Centres

    The OECD is represented outside of Paris by Centres in Berlin, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Washington. The Centres serve as regional contacts for the full range of OECD activities, from the sales of publications, to inquiries from the media, to liaison with governments, parliaments, business, labour and civil society. They help disseminate information regarding OECD activities, and serve to communicate priorities from member countries'

  • 17-June-2013


    Mexico: Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the OECD

    Biographical note of Mr Agustin García-López Loaeza, Mexico's Permanent Representative to the OECD.

  • 18-April-2013


  • 18-April-2013


  • 7-March-2012


    Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD

    Angel Gurría's CV, photos, speeches, official visits and information concerning his selection by OECD countries as the new Secretary-General.

  • 2-December-2011


    Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20

    Gabriela Ramos is the OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20. Since 2006, she has been advising the Secretary-General, supporting his strategic agenda and contributing to the opening up of the organization to new members and partner countries.

  • 30-September-2010


    Seminar: Beyond the crisis - Returning to sustainable growth in Latin America, 24 November 2010

    This seminar brings together policy makers from Latin America and economists from academia, international organisations and the private sector to discuss policies that would help Latin American countries to strengthen their growth potential.

  • 14-May-2008