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  • 10-September-2012

    English, Excel, 5,618kb

    Mexico: Better policies for inclusive development

    This document sets out the OECD's analysis and recommendations in 21 areas that are strategic for Mexico’s present and future.

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  • 27-August-2012


    Una ambiciosa visión de México en un mundo convulso

    Ahora es el momento de enfocarse en la economía política de las reformas y desafiar y vencer cualquier obstáculo político, institucional o particular que se les interponga. Gran realismo sí, pero ambición todavía mayor, incluyendo la remoción de los obstáculos al crecimiento. La agenda del cambio no puede achicarse ante las restricciones de la realidad de hoy. Hay que ir más allá y considerar como eliminar esas restricciones.

  • 11-July-2012

    English, PDF, 111kb

    Briefing note for the OECD Employment Outlook 2012: Mexico

    Mexico has experienced a stronger economic recovery than most other OECD countries accompanied by strong employment growth.

  • 28-June-2012


    OECD Reviews of Health Systems: A series of country reports

    Those in-depth studies of the health system of member countries focus on economic issues. They assess the performance of health systems in a comparative context, identify the main challenges faced by the country health system and put forward policy options to better meet them. Reviews are initiated at the request of the country to be examined and emphasis is placed on specific issues of key policy interest.

  • 22-June-2012


    Guide to Improve the Regulatory Quality of State and Municipal Formalities and boost Mexico's competitiveness

    This Guide provides concrete recommendations of high impact reforms to simplify the processes of business start ups, construction permits, property registration, procurement, and to upgrade regulatory transparency and efficiency in the management of formalities in Mexico.

  • 19-June-2012


    Visit of the OECD Secretary-General to Mexico (Los Cabos, 16th - 19th June 2012)

    Secretary-General Angel Gurría joined world leaders at the G20 Mexican Presidency's Leaders' Summit held in Los Cabos.

  • 19-June-2012


    G20: Global Forum and OECD report steady progress in international tax co-operation

    cooperation - Steady progress is being made towards tackling tax evasion more effectively, according to reports presented to G20 leaders at their summit in Los Cabos, Mexico

  • 17-June-2012


    Improving Transparency and Anti-corruption

    Our contributions to the G20 anti-corruption work have spanned from strengthening enforcement of foreign bribery laws to drawing G20 principles on asset disclosure or whistleblower protection, and making public procurement cleaner and more effective to fight solicitation, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 17-June-2012


    World Economic Outlook and the situation in the Euro area

    Policy makers must avoid the downside scenario of a major shock to the European and global financial systems. Europe has to mobilize its strengths, and put out the immediate fires associated with the spiraling banking and sovereign debt crisis, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 16-June-2012


    Improving the Assessment of Disaster Risks to Strengthen Financial Resilience

    Given the systemic dimension and country spill-overs in certain catastrophic risks, the G20 is well suited to play an important role through the exchange of best practices and experiences to address events that, according to our analysis, cost the world economy nearly $350 billion last year.

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