Investment Policies and Promotion


The Working Group on Investment Policies and Promotion helps MENA economies develop open and transparent investment policies and effective investment promotion strategies and activities through multi-stakeholder dialogue, experience-sharing and capacity-building in the region, with the support of OECD countries and other partners.


Chaired by Japan and Jordan, the Working Group brings together MENA and OECD experts and policy makers to work towards the following priorities:

  • Review FDI trends 
  • Assess national and regional investment policies and promotion activities, based on OECD tools and methodology (Business Climate Development Strategy )
  • Analyse ways to strengthen bilateral and regional investment frameworks
  • Explore other key issues as requested by members, such as the promotion of green investment, enhancement of business integrity, analysis of Economic Zones development




Working Group on Investment Policies and Promotion: Mitigating Risks and Seeking New Oppotunities, 19-20 March 2013

Reviving Private Investment in the Deauville Partnership Countries: Investment Policies for Job Creation,  7-8 May 2012, Cairo, Egypt

15-16 December 2010, Paris, France

15-16 February 2010, Amman, Jordan

Meeting of 23 March 2009, Paris,

Joint meeting of the Investment Policy and Investment Promotion Working Groups

4-5 September 2007, Amman, Jordan

12-13 December 2006, Cairo, Egypt

12-13 September 2005, Manama, Bahrain (Draft agenda)

1-2 February 2005, Dubai


Other events

5 April 2011, Abu Dhabi, UAE: Conference on Assessing Investment Policies in the GCC Member Countries

6 December 2011, Paris, France 


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