Working Group on Open and Innovative Government (WG II)


The MENA – OECD Working Group II on Open and Innovative Government is a platform promoting regional exchange and dialogue with OECD peers since 2005.

Technological innovations bear the potential of redefining the relationship between governments and citizens. WG II supports MENA countries in exploiting the potential of open government, digital government and innovation policies for more accountable and participatory governance and responsive public sectors. WG II unites governments and civil society to exchange ideas on innovative solutions to implement open government reforms and focuses on the following thematic areas:

  • Assessing the implementation of open government and citizen participation policies in the MENA region by administering the OECD Open Government Survey

  • Assessing current e-government and ICTs policies and initiatives against the new principles of the OECD Recommendation on Digital Government Strategies.

Key Outcomes

  • Open Government policies: should meet the demands of citizens and business, contribute to national policy goals, and be measured against concrete outcomes.

  • Open data: critical element in supporting economic growth, improving public services, promoting transparency and accountability.

  • Innovation: considering context allows innovative practices to be aligned with regional priorities.


Digital Governance in the MENA region (2016)


Working Group II : 

Open Data Seminar : Building an open data culture in the Mena Region, October 2015