Training Course "Public Consultation in Rule-Making: A Practical Guide"


Tunis, Tunisia, 30 May 2011



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The Objectives of the Capacity Building Activity “Public Consultation in Rule-Making: A Practical Guide”, organised by the Regional Centre for Expertise in Regulatory Quality


Public consultation can help to improve both the quality of regulation and governments’ responsiveness to citizens and businesses. At the technical level, the use of consultation mechanisms – and the introduction of the Regulatory Impact Analysis in particular – is pivotal for collecting empirical information, measuring expectations, assessing costs and benefits and identifying alternative policy options. At the policy level, stakeholder involvement enables a transparent policy-making process and increases the level of social acceptance of decisions and, therefore, compliance. The Regional Charter for Quality in Regulation, endorsed by participating MENA countries during the 2009 Ministerial Conference in Marrakesh, refers to consultation as an integral part of regulatory quality.


This training course presented choices to be made in planning and managing regulatory consultation by addressing the major challenges faced by public officials during the consultation process. The training course provided guidance about the most appropriate form of consultation, when and how to use public consultation, who to involve and how to overcome barriers for a successful consultation process. Each element was explained through a theoretical presentation, illustrated by real examples from MENA and OECD countries, which was followed by group work




The training course was highly interactive and participants were encouraged to share experiences as much as possible. At the end of this training course the participant should:

  • Have an informed understanding about the rationale of public consultation
  • Be able to use the public consultation effectively as public official or policy maker involved in regulatory policy
  • Be able to develop projects to implement and manage public consultation in rule-making




Training Course Agenda (English)  (French)

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