Task Force on Legal and Constitutional Reform


Tunis, 30 May 2011


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The Task Force on Legal and Constitutional Reform, launched by the Working Group IV on 18 April in Paris, met on 30 May in Tunis, bringing together key actors in the constitutional reform process from Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. The meeting benefited from the active participation of H.E. Petre Roman, the first Prime Minister after the fall of the dictatorship in 1989, representing the Club de Madrid. Participants discussed challenges related to the sequencing of constitutional reforms, consensus-building, elections and acceptance of decisions made by the interim governments in the absence of a functioning legislature.




Delegates underlined the crucial moment of writing a new constitution that will redefine the relationship between the state and individual; a definition based on democratic values to enable countries achieving their economic and social goals, re-establish trust in public institutions and create conditions for reconciliation. Resources need to be used efficiently, the fight against corruption reinforced, and a bureaucracy established that does not hinder entrepreneurship. In this regard, participants highlighted the long-term consequences of the constitution for building a public administration that works and delivers in a transparent, accountable and efficient manner. Participants also underlined the direct effect of reforming the public sector to prevent corruption.

Participants invited the OECD to mobilise resources for the forthcoming activities of the Task Force that will focus on communicating constitutional reform, consensus-building and stakeholder involvement.




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