Seventh Regional Meeting of Working Group IV on Regulatory Reform


Tunis, Tunisia, 31 May 2011



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The Seventh Regional Meeting of Working Group IV on Regulatory Reform provided the opportunity to discuss regulatory management issues. In particular this session dealt with topics that are at the centre of the activities of the MENA-OECD Working Group IV on Regulatory Reform, such as:

  • Rule of Law: Balancing powers in the legislative process
  • Open government and consultation in regulatory processes: increasing the engagement of young people and women
  • Contribution of the Working Group IV to the implementation of the Regional Charter for Regulatory Quality and the Programme of Work


The Seventh Regional Meeting of the MENA-OECD Working Group IV was held back-to-back with the training course: “Public Consultation in Rule-Making: A Practical Guide”. This Capacity Building Seminar was organised by the Regional Centre for Expertise on Regulatory Quality (RCERQ). 




The Working Group IV endorsed the Task Force on legal and constitutional reform and acknowledged the important role of the regional approach provided by the strong partnership with the MENA-OECD Governance Programme.

Delegates of the WG IV discussed the balancing of powers in the legislative process, in particular during transition periods when the parliament has either limited power or does not exist. Much attention was also placed on open government and innovative solutions for consultation in regulatory processes. In this regards, participants pointed to the Regional Charter for Regulatory Quality as an effective guiding instrument to practise inclusive policy-making. To support policy deliberation, the Regional Centre of Expertise on Regulatory Quality (RCERQ) organised a training course on public consultation in rule-making. Delegates highlighted the important role of capacity building and encouraged the RCERQ to continue organising a similar training course.



Agenda (English)  (French)  (Arabic)

List of participants pdf





Session 1a. Rule of law: Balancing powers between the legislature and executive in the legislative process

  • Mr. Jeroen Nijland, Director, Regulatory Reform Group, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, The Netherlands (English - pdf)


Session 1b. Rule of Law: Regulatory Governance for greater Transparency and Accountability

  • Mr. Omer Oz, Regulatory Reform Group, Prime Ministry, Turkey (English - pdf)


Session 2. Open government: Consultation in regulatory processes

  • Ms Fiorenza Barazzoni, Director General, Office of the Diplomatic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Italy (English - pdf)
  • Mr. Alaa Kotb, Vice President of the State Council, Egypt (Arabic - pdf)
  • Mr. Pekka Nurmi, Director General, Ministry of Justice, Finland (English - pdf)
  • Mr. Imad Hammad, Director of Legislation, Council of Ministers, Palestinian Authority (Arabic - pdf)


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