Regional Workshop on Public Policy Evaluation


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Mr Azzeddine Diouri, Morocco; Mr Rolf Alter, OECD; H.E. Minister Mr Khalid Naciri, Morocco; H.E. Minister Mohamed Saâd El Alami, Morocco; Ms María Luisa Carcedo Roces, Spain; Mr Mårten Blix, Sweden


In order to share good practices and reinforce regional and international co-operation between MENA and OECD countries, the MENA-OECD Governance Programme organised a regional workshop on public policy evaluation on 23-24 March 2010 in Rabat. The workshop brought together officials, policy-makers, practitioners and researchers from MENA and OECD countries, as well as from international organisations, to debate on public policy evaluation.


 Policy Dialogue


This workshop highlighted the need of increasing national capacities to evaluate policies to ensure effective impact of policy reform efforts in MENA countries, as an important gap in policy evaluation is widely acknowledged. Participants in the workshop emphasized also the require of professionalizing policy-making and improving links between strategic planning and policy evaluation, in particular:


1.  Coordination across the institutions involved in public policy evaluation; 

2.  Harmonizing methods and reaching international standards, while considering local contexts; 

3.  Measuring government activities through reliable indicators; and

4.  Reinforcing the active participation of civil society and citizens in public policy evaluation processes.

The difficulties of policy evaluation also emerged during the discussions, such as lack of coordination between different stakeholders, suspicion towards evaluation and the necessity of a cultural change. Significant efforts are required to overcome these difficulties.


Multilateral collaboration, exchange of good practices and peer advice was recognized as a necessary instrument to achieve progress. The role of the newly launched Regional Centre for Public Policy Evaluation (RCPPE), hosted by the government of Morocco, could be instrumental in improving regional capacities.


To read the full meeting report click here (PDF 892 kb)



  • Public Policy Evaluation Workshop Agenda (English - PDF 666kbFrench PDF 686kb)
  • Agenda for the Preparatory meeting for the first step of activities of the Regional Centre on Public Policy Evaluation (English - PDF 741kbFrench - PDF 789kb)
  • List of Participants - PDF 252kb




Opening Statements

  • H.E. Mr. Mohamed Saad Alami, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in Charge of the Ministry of Public Sector Modernisation, Morocco (Arabic - PDF 109kb)
  • H.E. Mr. Khalid Naciri, Minister of Comunication, Government Spokesman, Morocco
  • Ms. María Luisa Carcedo Roces, President, Public Policy Evaluation and Quality Service Agency, Spain
  • Mr. Mårten Blix, Director, Budget Department, Ministry of Finances, Sweden
  • Mr. Rolf Alter, Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD (French - PDF 321kb)


Session 1: Public policy evaluation on the ground: international benchmarking perspective

  • Mr. M. Saïd Mourabit, Court of Auditors, Morocco (French - PDF 258kb)
  • Ms. Inés Perez-Durantez, Director of the Evaluation Division, Public Policy Evaluation and Quality Service Agency (AEVAL), Spain (English - PDF 812kb)
  • Mr. Alban de Loisy, Delegate, Public Policy Evaluation’s Mission, State Modernisation General Directorate, Ministry of Budget, Public Accounts, Civil Service and State’s Reform, France (French - PDF 223kb)
  • Mr. Hans Lundgren, Head of the Evaluation Section, Development Co-operation Directorate, OECD (English - PDF 478kb


Session 2: Strategic planning and evaluation, building a successful policy cycle 

  • Mr. Abdellatif Bennani, Director, Budget Department, General Inspector of Finances, Ministry of Finances, Morocco (French - PDF 586kb)
  • Mr. Mårten Blix, Director, Budget Department, Ministry of Finances, Sweden (English - PDF 405kb)
  • Mr. Roger Scott-Douglas, Executive Director, Strategic Review, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Canada (English - PDF 219kb, French - PDF 244kb))
  • Mr. Bader Abu Zahra, Director General, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development, Palestinian National Authority (English - PDF 258kb)

Session 3: Measuring government activities  for better decision-making

  • Mr. Abderrahmane Haouach, Director of Cabinet, High Commission for Planning, Morocco (French - PDF 256kb)
  • Ms. Fatima Rashid Y M Al Khather, Director of Analysis and Evaluation of Government Programme Department, Council of Ministers, General Secretariat, Qatar (Arabic- PDF 587kb)
  • Ms. Zsuzsanna Lonti, Head of Unit, Statistics and indicators, Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD (English - PDF 583kb)
  • Mr. Gary J. Reid, Lead Public Sector Management Specialist and Coordinator, Administrative and Civil Service Reform (ACSR) Thematic Group, World Bank (English - PDF 1,740kb)


Session 4: Engaging citizens in policy-making and evaluation

  • Mr. Giovanni Moro, President, Fondaca (Active Citizen Foundation), Italy (English - PDF 342kb)
  • Mr. Mohamed Bijaad, Secretary General, National Observatory for Human Development, Morocco  (French - PDF 387kb)
  • Ms. Amani Essawi, Minister’s Assistant for International Relations, Ministry of State for Administrative Development, Egypt (English - PDF 821kb, Arabic, PDF - 880kb)
  • Ms. Jennifer Bremer, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Director Program in Public Policy and Administration, American University in Cairo  (English - PDF 1,510kb)


Preparatory meeting for the first step of activities of the Regional Centre on Public Policy Evaluation

  • Mr. Azzeddine Diouri, Secretary General, the Ministry of Public Sector Modernisation, Morocco (French - PDF 100kb)



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