Meeting of the Open Government Steering Committee of Morocco


23 January 2015, Rabat - Morocco


The meeting of Morocco’s Open Government Steering Committee - which included representatives of ministries, independent institutions, civil society and private sector associations - was an important step to support Morocco’s open government reforms. It was opened by Mr. Moubdi, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Civil Service and Modernisation of the Administration who highlighted Morocco’s commitment to implement open government and join the Open Government Partnership. The Ambassador of the United States – a founding member of the OGP - Mr. Dwight L. Bush underlined that OGP means a constant commitment towards a new approach with citizens as partners in the policy-making process. At the same time, implementing open government is an important contribution to promote economic prosperity.


Due to the lack of an access to information law, Morocco is not eligible to join the OGP. The OECD highlighted that such a law in line with international standards is pivotal to build the basis for effective and meaningful citizens’ engagement and pursue OGP accession. To advance in this regards, it was suggested that Morocco could engage in developing its open government strategy in consultation with citizens. 




Presentation of the OECD Open Government Review Morocco

The OECD’s recommendations on open government in Morocco point to important progress made and highlight the reforms needed to build an open government and implement its principles in line with international best practices and the aspirations of Morocco’s new Constitution. The members of the Steering Committee of Morocco agreed to build on the review as a reference guide for their future work.

Towards Morocco’s open government action plan

The meeting further aimed at building consensus on the next steps for Morocco to elaborate an open government action plan. A working group consisting equally of government, civil society and private sector representatives will elaborate a consultation plan and a first action plan that will then be submitted for consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. 



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