Open and Innovative Government


The Regional Working Group on Open and Innovative Government addresses a wide variety of policy issues related to introducing E-government and simplifying administrative processes in Arab countries.


At the GfD Initiative’s Launching Conference, participants agreed on a first set of policy issues to be considered. During the First Meeting of the Initiative’s Steering Group on 27-28 April 2005, these were refined into a “Framework for Policy Dialogue” which will serve to guide the initial Stocktaking Phase.


The Working Group on Open and Innovative Government is chaired by Mr Ahmad Bin  Humaidan, Director General, Dubai e-Government (UAE), and co-chaired by Mr. Inigo Lambertini, Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and Mr. Chan-Woo Park, Deputy Minister, Planning and Coordination Office, Ministry of Public Administration and Security of Korea (see Arab Chairs & OECD Co-chairs).


The material listed below comprises publications, policy briefs, background documents and policy principles designed to support the work the Working Group on e-Government and Administrative Simplification.


·    Publications and Policy Briefs

·    Background documents


To learn more about the OECD's work on Open and Innovative Government, please refer to the e-Government webpage and the Regulatory Policy webpage.



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  • Workshop on Regulatory Policy, E-Government and Code of Conduct, Ramallah, 20-21 July 2011
  • Workshop on Policy Tools for Regulatory Quality, Better Service Delivery and Enhanced Integrity: Supporting Implementation, Ramallah, 7 April 2011



  • A workshop on E-Government Tools in Practice: How to Develop a Sound Implementation Road Map was organised in Ramallah, PA on 5-7 July 2010.
  • A high level seminar on E-procurement, Efficiency and Integrity: Challenges and Good Practices, co-organised with the MENA-OECD Working Group 1, took place in Rome, Italy on 17-18 June 2010.
  • 6th Regional Meeting of the Working Group on E-Government and Administrative Simplification will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 27 & 28 April 2010



  • Egypt to participate in OECD review of e-government policies and services.
  • The 5th Regional Working Group Meeting on E-government and Administrative Simplification took place in Manama, Bahrain on 25th June 2009.
  • The 7th High Level Regional Seminar on Improving E-Services Take Up: Challenges, Solutions and Good Practices on E-government took place in Manama, Bahrain, on 24th June 2009.


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