MENA-OECD Initiative to Support the Palestinian Authority


Since 2009, the OECD is engaged in a partnership with the Palestinian Authority to assist in the implementation of core public governance reforms to fight corruption, strengthening the rule of law and improving public service delivery.

The partnership, called MENA-OECD Initiative to Support the Palestinian Authority (MIP), is anchored in a solid institutional platform, coordinated by the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development.
The project is fully operational with over 50 activities implemented over the last 4 years, numerous OECD peers involved and permanent on-the-ground assistance provided by a local senior field manager. Between 2009-2013, the partnership was financed by the Government of Norway, DfID and the Government of Italy.


Through the MIP, the Palestinian Authority is aligning with standards and good practices of the OECD, mainly in the fields of rule of law, public sector integrity and e-governance to fight corruption and improve public service delivery: The OECD has supported the drafting process and implementation of the

  • PA Code of Conduct for civil servant
  • Legislative drafting manual for primary and secondary legislation
  • Consultation manual to engage stakeholders in the rule-making process
  • E-government strategy and e-government implementation roadmap