GfD Coordinators' Meeting, 1 March 2006, Paris


On the invitation of the OECD, the national coordinators of the six chairing Arab countries met with representatives from OECD countries involved in the GfD Initiative, as well as with representatives from the GfD project partner UNDP on 1 March 2006 at the OECD headquarters in Paris.

The main objective of the meeting was to prepare the next milestone of the GfD Initiative: the Steering Group Meeting at Ministerial Level, which will be held in Sharm-el-Sheikh back-to-back with the World Economic Forum on 20-22 May 2006. The meeting also was an opportunity for a frank exchange on the past experiences with the GfD Initiative and on the way forward.

In particular, the meeting served to:

  • Agree on the future strategic direction of the GfD Initiative both as
    • a forum for regional policy dialogue and exchange of best practice, and
    • a platform to facilitate donor support for public sector modernization programmes
  • Decide on the next steps for finalising Country Action Plans in preparation of the Steering Group Meeting at Ministerial Level in Sharm-el-Sheikh
  • Envisage potential outputs of the Steering Group Meeting at Ministerial Level, including a joint statement on the Country Action Plans
  • Envisage the process for matching Country Action Plans with potential bilateral support programmes.
  • Provide feedback on the past policy dialogue in the regional working group meetings and make suggestions for improvement




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