G7 Deauville Partnership - MENA Transition Fund Project


 In May 2011, the Deauville Partnership was launched as a long-term global initiative that provides Arab countries in transition with a framework based on technical support to:

  • strengthen governance for transparent, accountable governments,
  • provide an economic framework for sustainable and inclusive growth.

The Deauville Partnership has committed to support Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen; the Transition Fund is one of the levers to implement this commitment. The Transition Fund demonstrates a joint commitment by G7 members, Gulf and regional partners, and international and regional financial institutions to support the efforts of the people and governments of the Partnership countries as they overhaul their economic systems to promote more accountable governance, broad-based, sustainable growth, and greater employment opportunities for youth and women. 

The MENA-OECD Governance Programme is currently implementing the MENA Transition Fund Projects in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen.  


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