6th Meeting of the Working Group 2 on E-Government and Administrative Simplification


Meeting Objectives l Working Group Background

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 Meeting Objectives


The purpose of this working group meeting was to:

  • present the “Progress in Public Management in the Middle East and North Africa: Case Studies on Policy Reform” publication;
  • present “G@G 2009”, discuss the new project “Government at a Glance in the MENA Region” and present OECD’s work on indicators in the field of e-government;
  • discuss the impact on and opportunities for e-government and administrative simplification in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and their contribution to growth;
  • Present and discuss MENA and OECD good practices in the field of e-Justice;
  • provide participants with an update on current activities within the MENA-OECD Governance Programme; and
  • approve the Program of Work for the period 2010-2013.

The meeting was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the 27-28 April 2010.


 Working Group Background


This working group, which met for the first time in Dubai in September 2005, gathers together the most high ranking e-government officials in MENA countries and invites government experts from OECD countries to discuss key policy issues on the e-government agendas of MENA and OECD countries.


The members of the working group also design a plan of activities and provide directions and support for their implementation. In the past, activities included a capacity building seminar on e-procurement, measurement and evaluation of e-government, personalised portals, partnerships and collaboration on e-government, and electronic ID cards.


The working group is chaired by Dubai (UAE) and co-chaired by Italy and Korea.






27 April 2010


Session 1: E-Government at a Glance in the MENA Region: the quest for data and measurements

• Mr. Alessandro Bellantoni, MENA-OECD Governance Programme, OECD (English - pdf 1,082kb)
• Ms. Zsuzsanna Lonti, Senior Project Manager of Government at a Glance, OECD (English - pdf 246kb)
• Eng. Ahmed Kamal, Ministry of State for Administrative Development, Egypt (Presentation 1: English - pdf 510kb, Presentation 2: English - pdf 294kb)
• Ms. Christine Mahieu, Business Analyst – eGovernment measurement expert, Service public fédéral Technologie de l’Information et de la Communication, Belgium (English - pdf 592kb)

Session 2: E-government and Administrative Simplification as engines for public sector modernisation and economic growth

• Mr. Christian Vergez, Head of Public Sector Reform Division, OECD (English - pdf 315kb)

• Mr. Marco Daglio, Head of Service Delivery Unit, OECD (English - pdf 804kb)
• Ms. Khedija Al Zammouri, General Director, E-Government, Office of the Prime Minister, Tunisia (French - pdf 1,321kb)
• Mr. Alessandro Bellantoni, MENA-OECD Governance Programme, OECD Secretariat (English - pdf 81kb)
• Ms. Un-Ah Hah, Deputy Director, International Cooperation, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Korea (English - pdf 4,404kb


Session 3: Good Practices in the Field of E-Government and Administrative simplification: the case of E-Justice

• Mr. Abdulrahim Almudhareb, IT Director, Dubai Courts Department, Dubai, UAE (Arabic - pdf 905kb)
• Eng. Ahmed Kamal, Ministry of State for Administrative Development, Egypt (Arabic - pdf 1,429kb)
• Ms. Fatna El Farsi, Head of the Division of Transversal Actions, Information Systems Directorate, Ministry of Public Sector Modernisation, Morocco (Arabic - pdf 1,037kb)

28 April 2010


Session 1: Introduction to Dubai eGovernment Initiative

• Mr.  Ahmad Bin Humaidan, Director General , Dubai eGovernment Department, Dubai, UAE (English - pdf 673kb)


Session 2: Dubai eGovernment Shared Services

• Ms. Huda Al Hashimi, Director, Customer Relationship Management, Dubai eGovernment Department, Dubai, UAE (English - pdf 1,634kb)
• Mr. Matar Al Humairi, Director, Infrastructure Management, Dubai eGovernment Department, Dubai, UAE (English - pdf 1,145kb)



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