Working Group 1 and Steering Group Meetings of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme


4-5 September 2007, Amman, Jordan   


The Working Group 1 of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme helps MENA countries to develop open and transparent investment policies through multi-stakeholder dialogue, experience-sharing and capacity-building in the region, with the support of OECD countries and other partners. The purpose of this combined Steering Group and  Working Group 1 meeting was to finalise preparations for the second Ministerial meeting to be held on 27-28 November 2007 in Egypt, to discuss the introduction of a new Investment Reform Measurement Tool for the second phase of the MENA Programme, as well as decide on the next steps for output areas of Working Group 1.  The meeting was attended by over 80 participants from the public and private sectors as well as regional and international organisations who provided feedback on work conducted and planned in this area by the Programme.


Based on MENA country submissions and input from the private sector and other programme partners, a number of projects were discussed, including a compilation on remaining investment restrictions in the MENA region, a project on investment and responsible business conduct, and a project on Public Private  Partnerships for infrastructure financing. The Steering Group meeting on the second day focused on the draft of the second Ministerial Declaration to be prepared for the upcoming Ministerial meeting, and decided on the use of a Business Climate Development Strategy for assessing progress of investment policy reforms.




4 September 2007 – Transparent and Open Investment Policies - Working Group 1

Session 1: Current Trends of Investment Regulation in MENA countries

Session 2: Remaining Obstacles to Foreign Direct Investment – International Investment Instruments

 Session 3: Investment and Responsible Business Conduct in the MENA region

Session 4: PPP for Infrastructure Financing – Evolving Good Practice

5 September 2007 – Steering Group Meeting

Session 1: Ministerial Meeting – Overview and Drafting of Declaration

Session 2: Measuring Progress in Investment Policy Reform – Business Climate Development Strategy



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