Promoting women's economic empowerment: June 2014


The significant changes that have taken place across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, combined with the continuing effects of the global financial crisis, reaffirm the challenges faced by MENA economies. Since 2009, the MENA-OECD Investment Programme, through the OECD-MENA Women’s Business Forum, has identified women’s entrepreneurship as one of the drivers for economic growth, competitiveness and job creation. Harnessing women’s economic potential requires all stakeholders (i.e. governments, companies, civil society, educators and media) to undertake initiatives supporting a greater involvement of women in the economy.

The June 5 meeting will examine, discuss and review the preliminary key findings and recommendations for the first two phases of the “Supporting women as economic actors during the transition period” project. These preliminary findings have been prepared by in-country project teams established in the six project’s countries, which conducted desk research and collected views from local experts, representatives from civil society, business, academia, religious communities, and government officials. The discussions will enable a constructive exchange of experiences on measures taken across countries in enhancing women’s economic rights.

The OECD Women’s Business Forum meeting will take place following day. Meeting participants will discuss with the WBF and its National Task Forces’ (NTF) members the next activities of the WBF. To this end, the meeting will seek to enhance the governance of the WBF by strengthening the role of the NTFs currently established in 13 MENA countries. Outcomes of the 5 June meeting of the project “Supporting women as economic actors during the transition period” will be presented, and initiatives supporting women leadership in the region will be discussed.

June 5 Agenda - Supporting women as economic actors during the transition period: Preliminary findings
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June 6 Agenda - Women's Business Forum: Tools supporting women as economic actors l French version






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