Transparency in Reconstruction Workshop


Beirut, 20 February 2007

The Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) and the MENA-OECD Investment Programme held an expert meeting on "Transparency in Reconstruction" in Lebanon, on Tuesday February 20, 2007 in Beirut. The meeting was attended by the Lebanese Minister of Economy and Trade, H.E. Sami Haddad, members of the Lebanese Parliament, international experts, representatives of the Lebanese government, private sector representatives, economists, the international donors' community, and Lebanese CSOs.  The objectives of the meeting were three-fold:
- identification of measures to improve transparency and integrity in aid flow, post-war reconstruction, reform, and economic recovery
- increasing transparency in procurement procedures and privatisation transactions
- definition of a monitoring and evaluation strategy.
The experts present agreed that these objectives should operate on four levels: donor institutions, the local government, the private sector, and civil society organisations. The meeting was an opportunity  to exchange views on measures for enhancing efficient aid channeling and better monitoring of post war projects. An in-depth discussion on aid delivery and procurement frameworks concluded with a series of recommendations and follow-up actions to improve transparency in immediate recovery efforts and longer term procurement reforms in Lebanon.


Following recommendations emerged from the discussions 

Agenda ( عربي   / English )

Presentations delivered during the conference :

Session 1: International best practices to improve transparency in aid flow and reconstruction efforts

Session 2 – Making Use of International Experience in the Lebanese Reforms

Session 3: Monitoring and Evaluation: the role of CSOs and local stakeholders

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