Tax Policy and Administration


The broad objectives of the Working Group on Tax Policy and Administration are

  • review current tax policies and tax administration systems in MENA countries to assess their role in shaping direct investment flows and meeting tax revenues targets
  • consult with business, government officials and other international organisations to identify parallel efforts and possible tax impediments to investment in the region
  • elaborate best practices that could be expected to improve the investment climate
  • develop action plans to strengthen the tax and business environment with each participating country

This working group interacts with other working groups, particularly the Working Group on SME Policy, in addressing financial and regulatory incentives as well as with leading investors in the MENA region. 


Currently chaired by Egypt and Turkey, this working group's outputs include:

  • a synthesis report on tax systems and tax incentives in MENA countries and broad (preliminary) observations on elements and features potentially in conflict with creating a tax system that enables the development of a dynamic business environment
  • a synthesis report on non-tax (i.e. financial and regulatory) incentives for investment in MENA countries
  • a report on barriers to investment and preliminary policy-related observations in relation to creating a tax system inducive to business climate development
  • capacity building seminars and workshops


Reference Material




Manama, 1-2 June 2010:  VAT: A Possible New Revenue Source for MENA Economies ?

Paris, 28-29 January 2009: Tax Implications of the Global Financial Crisis, Globalization and Taxation of SMEs, and ‘Tax Indicators’



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