Renewing momentum for regional investment policies in the MENA region


15-16 December 2010, Paris, France


With the reduction of FDI inflows to the MENA region in the wake of the global recession, governments need to give new impetus to their investment policies to bring FDI back to pre-crisis levels and help redynamise growth and employment.


Held back-to-back with the OECD-UNCTAD Symposium on International Investment Agreements, the Working Group meeting discussed how to renew momentum for regional investment policies in the MENA region. Among other topics, the Working Group:

  • Discussed the latest investment trends in the region as well as persisting challenges;
  • Analysed ways of strengthening regional investment frameworks through a review of other regional initiatives and a discussion of possible options for Renewing momentum for regional investment policies in the MENA region: Agenda Englishthe MENA region;
  • Discussed how to better promote green investment, in particular through enhancing policy frameworks and analysing the role of incentives;
  • Provided and discussed a preliminary assessment of MENA investment policies and promotion using the Business Climate Development Strategy methodology of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme; and 
  • Reviewed the programme for Working Group 1 for 2011 and Phase III of the MENA-OECD Programme for Investment (2011-2015).

Working group documents

Introduction: FDI trends in the MENA region and challenges

Session 1: Regional investment frameworks: Towards coherence and awareness-raising

Session 2: Addressing the challenges of promoting green investment in the MENA region


Session 3: Assessing investment policies and promotion in the MENA region

Working Group 1 on Investment Policies and Promotion


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