MENA-OECD Capital Markets Taskforce






Launch of the MENA-OECD Capital Markets Taskforce: Doha, Qatar, 6-7 December 2010


MENA-OECD Capital Markets Taskforce


Transparency, market integrity, regulatory and institutional supervision have become watchwords for governments across the globe which, in the wake of the financial crisis, are seeking ways to strengthen their financial market governance regimes. With their growing and vibrant financial markets, countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are keen to implement policies that effectively regulate their markets but also keep them growing.


The MENA-OECD Capital Markets Taskforce has been created to help identify effective tools, best practices and instruments for the region. It will be launched on 6-7 December in Qatar at the Roundtable on Effective and Efficient Financial Regulation. The event will be co-organised by the MENA-OECD Investment Programme, in co-operation with the Ministry of Business and Trade of Qatar and the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (“QFC Regulatory Authority”).


The MENA-OECD Capital Markets Taskforce will provide a platform for the promotion of dialogue, the exchange of experiences and best practices relating to capital market regulation (financial and banking regulation). It will also help establish a dynamic network of MENA and OECD capital market regulators, policymakers and experts. Its objectives are to:

  • Provide a high-level forum for discussion among representatives from capital market authorities from MENA and OECD countries and for experts, academics, practitioners, and international organisations working on issues related to the regulation of capital markets
  • Provide input to the work of MENA-OECD Investment Programme on issues relating to capital market regulation
  • Elaborate policy recommendations for capital market regulation in MENA and OECD countries based on analytical work and best practices.


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